Crewest + Open Space Present:

A collection of paintings by Isaias Crow. 

Curated by Man One. 

TIME TRAVELER - is a collection of paintings inspired by Isaias Crow's travels on the physical and spiritual plane through time and space. These paintings were all painted or conceived in various geographical locations as far east as Derry, Ireland; London, UK and Paris, France to as far south as Costa Rica and within the American continent in Houston, Albuquerque, Oklahoma, Trenton, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and at his art studio in San Diego, CA. 

While traveling, Crow received epiphanies about life, relationships, love, death and about being a soul at the core. The connection and access we have to other souls living in the spirit realm and our pre-birth plan - of what we "chose" to experience while experiencing life. All the while Crow is painting canvases and murals in the places that he's visiting with the materials that are or aren't available and with that also discovering different techniques and approaches to his art. As a result, he's transmitting positive energy frequencies from all these different locations and conveying that onto the canvas. 

This collection compiles all these different experiences into one moment in time - Isaias Crow's first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, California. We present to you TIME TRAVELER. 

"I remember while in London:

Standing still at the London Bridge Tube Station, I had a realization, I like it here. The tunnels, the connections of subways, the diverse cultures that are all moving from one line to another . Countless people traveling to their destination. The energy is like none other that I've encountered other than New York's subways . I hold back tears. I have an understanding that what is inside is outside. This infrastructure is the same / a replica of how our souls navigate to arrive to this space - earth. In the tube we all travel as one - we get off at different destinations and at different times.. Yet we all came from the same source - the same train station.

Reflecting on my artwork now, I see that creating the C-Rollers (paint rollers I cut out to create different linear sizes) and all the pattern work with multitude of colors is my rendition - my understanding of this interior and exterior infrastructure - the plan - the pre-birth plan.

I'm on route - I'm on my path - I'm time-traveling. I'm a TIME TRAVELER."

-excerpt from Isaias Crow's e-book "The Crow's Aura"

You can purchase art from Isaias Crow's exhibition starting April 11th at:


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