“In order to truly delve into Satter’s work, we must rid ourselves of prejudices and established conventions, to recognize ourselves in our most human dimension, that which deteriorates, guzzles and secretes; fragile and real, like it is to walk among the residual fluids of modernity; even to explore our tanatological impulses, our self-destructive condition that preys upon nature, that side which we would like to hide, which produces nausea, shame and repulsion. Throughout history, the abject has been banished from the conservative aesthetic ideal; the disgusting was left outside the dominion of the beautiful and of art itself.  Nevertheless, many artists have immersed themselves in this dark and transgressive realm, like Goya, Bacon or Lynch, to name a few.

Satter positions himself as an artist of the urban realm who explores this dimension.  He does this not only as a game or as taking joy in repulsion, but as a critical space that permits a consideration of the conflicts of globalized and industrialized society, absorbed by a morbid capitalism masked by humanity, affection and desire.  The central axis in the series that Satter presents, relates to religion as a body of double standards that hides the sexual impulse, as he devises these forbidden references where religious symbols and sexual organs coexist practically in a gratuitous way.  We also see a critique of the conditions of capitalist cultural circulation, from forms of consumption in eating, drinking, dressing and shitting, to the canonized way we do cultural interpretations of prehispanic, modern and contemporary art.

Satter’s sarcastic, abject and unbounded recovery is in putting his sight on that ominous area which is always denied, in the dismantling of a subjectivity that is squashed under the light of recognition, like that mythical mirror that reflects an overwhelming, hybrid and deformed image that is what we hide, but that is in reality, what we are.” - Said Dokins 2012

 "OBLIGADO A DESOBEDECER" a first time US solo exhibition featuring drawings, paintings, sculptures and an installation by Mexican street artist, Satterugly, opens Saturday, October 6th with an opening reception from 7-10pm.  Show will be on view through October 28th.

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