LA Mural Ordinance Strategy Session
We would like to invite you to attend this strategy session to plan for the
City of LA Planning Commission Hearing on Tuesday January 10th at 1PM.
The meeting at Crewest is geared to working artists with a special focus on 
graffiti artists and those that support their work.  We would like to encourage
people from the community - even non-artists - to come to this meeting to support
and contribute ideas.

We will be planning on what we want to say at the LA Planning Commission hearing,
assigning topics to different speakers, discussing a plan of attack and answering
any questions you may have about the impact of the proposed ordinance on graffiti
artists, muralists and the community.
This ordinance will affect your mural work in the City of LA for many years to
come. This is a chance to plan action that can still affect the outcome.

LA Mural Ordinance Strategy Session
Sunday, January 8th
Crewest Gallery
110 Winston St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Call Stash Maleski (310) 309-7756 or email icuart@aol.com for more info.

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