“Keeping in touch with normality and focusing on what connects us together, I hope to inspire and provoke the human spirit”. - Todd Robertson

Todd Robertson is an artist born in Michigan, raised in Connecticut and loves to make custom toys. Now residing in Boston, Todd works with found objects, anything from paper to broken electronics and incorporates those objects info his pieces. Todd gains inspiration from the normality of everyday, looking for those simple connections that hold us all together. Thus his incorporated found objects are his way of relaying his inspiration from the normality of everyday.

Today, Robertson uses what he calls a "mecha" style when creating his toys. He describes his mecha concept "as if it was a virus encapsulating each individual piece. It might be an arm, a leg or half a face, the mecha virus can be manipulated endlessly." It was Todd's "mecha" style which we instantly loved when Todd first showed us the type of custom toys he creates.

Todd is showing in December at Crewest several of his custom Kaiju toys that incorporate his mecha virus. We know you will absolutely love his pieces. It was love at first with us and we hope you too have the same feeling we got.

If you have any questions or would like to view more custom toys by Todd Robertson, you may email us at info@crewest.com. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.


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