"Murder Mouse"

Currently on display and for sale during December, we have "The Askew Rangers" by Josh Mayhem.  Mayhem describes his Askew Rangers as "heavily armed creatures from the forest of the future battling for supremacy in a world where survival of the fittest is the only law of the jungle. This custom series displays vibrant colors and crisp lines utilizing simple paint foundations as complimentary backdrops to an overwhelming display of weaponry and accessories. A recycling element is seen as an underlying tone in this collection. Pieces of scrap metal, wires from vintage electronics and weaponry accessories from the creator’s massive collection of vintage action figures serve as a reminder of the rooted toy history and originality each individual piece holds. Every Askew Ranger has some form of a working component to it including working lights, spring loaded and moveable devices, and removable elements that evoke the versatility of a an action figure with the visual aesthetic of a vinyl toy."


"Cheif Warface"

The Askew Rangers are made up of the following:  Princess Killbot, The Head Hunter, Leemurz, Skunqz, Hipponaturz, Commander Grizzly, Squirze, Badgez, Murder Mouse, Chief Warface and Choompz.

You can view all of Josh Mayhem's Askew Rangers by checking out his work on our website.  Click here to view.

Art inquiries?  Email us at info@crewest.com


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