This piece is entitled “800 LBS Gorrillastroy” and was created by Destroy All Design. This character seeks revenge. He is now a revenant and destined to destroy those who controlled him in a former life using the same device in which those used to control him. If you look into the eyes of the gorilla you will see a joystick symbolizing the device mankind has used to control this gorilla for years and years.

Destroy All Design primarily uses the joystick in all of their works. Whether it being a single joystick, a pile of joysticks, a background with joysticks, etc. It’s kinda of like “Where’s the joystick” going to be? Anytime you see a Joystick piece just know that’s a Destroy All Design piece. You never know when one will pop up. Right now, two are hanging at Crewest.

The “800 LBS Gorrillastroy” was created in 2011 and created using the following mediums: Mixed media spray paint on wood.

The second piece “The Golden Joystick” was also created in 2011 and was created using the following mediums: Mixed media, spray paint and silkscreen on wood. Both are reasonably priced.

“800 LBS Gorrillastroy” is available for sale for $300

“The Golden Joystick” is available for sale for $250

For serious inquiries, please email Crewest at info@crewest.com.


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