5.1.3 By Won One ABC

2012 is a year most of us can’t seem to ignore.  What is going to happen to our planet?  What changes will occur?  What can we do?

The year 2012 was selected as the theme for “Unearthed” because it pertains to all of us.  We all have questions about what is going to happen.  We all have fears of what is going to happen. 

Year 2012 will be depicted through the views of urban artists and established illustrators from across the world in a comic art form. 

The usage of comic art in this show is to show power, hope and unity of that mystery and that power of knowledge which could “unearth” itself for the preservation of all. 

Immortal spirits, robots, creatures, super heroes, powerful women and villians will unearth in this exhibit.  Each will have a power, each will have a mission.

In a deeper sense, each character will represent us and will become someone we would want to be in order to attack the mystery of 2012.


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