Please join us for a Pre-Comic Con Celebration during the opening reception of “Unearthed” on Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Crewest and Curator Luna George is proud to announce the opening of our newest installation “UNEARTHED”, which will exist on our walls as a larger than life visual comic book brought to life by some of our best graffiti and street urban artists. With a storyline written by author and artist Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, the walls of the gallery will become an actual comic book live for all to see and immerse themselves into. In addition, Crewest will publish and release “UNEARTHED” the comic book featuring the artwork in the exhibit and storyline just in time for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

 5.1.3By Won OneABC

UNEARTHED” features works by underground urban artists from around the world who have created visual elements in the form of never before seen characters who unearth from the underground in the year of 2012 on the day of the Apocalypse. Each of the exhibiting artists all share a strong ability in creating characters whether designed for street murals, album covers, published comic strips or actual comic books. We are very excited about this unique pairing of underground urban talent telling the tale of an Apocalyptic 2012 within the context of a gallery exhibition. Concept created by Luna George.

Picho AvoBy Picho Avo

Included in the show will be works by notable artists George Clinton (Funk master and leader of the Parliament Funkadelic), Overton Loyd (creator of various album covers including P-Funk cover art) and Lalo Alcaraz (creator of La Cucaracha comic strip).

Exhibiting artists:

Alan Oldham, Albert Montoya, Alfie Numeric, Avo, Axis, Brandon Lin, Bytedust, Cale, Danny Meza, Danny Perez, Deih, Destroy All Design, EGR, Else, Erick Rodriguez, George Clinton, Hitnes, Jeffery Page, John Gregory LeJay II, Jorge (j.E Styles) Ramirez, Jorge Becerra, Julieta, KAZILLA, Lalo Alcaraz, Lili Avila de Avila , Man One, Max Neutra, Overton Loyd, PC Zavala, Pichi, Sand One, VYAL, Wil Simpson, WonOneAbc



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