This piece, at first glance, could be seen as the typical mushroom cloud explosion we all fear as 2012 approaches. However, the artist has his own deeper interpretation. The mushroom cloud depicted in this piece by the artist is an explosion within the mind of mankind telling us all “Everything will be ok”. Positive mantras like this are what can roll us through life too look at any life threatening or even simple matters in a more positive way.

The name of this piece is called “Everything is Going to be OK” and was created by Max Neutra. The artist used the following medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Available for sale for $1,200

Max Neutra has shown over the years at Crewest, most recently during the “Above the Radar” exhibit where he was the mastermind mind behind those colorful boom boxes which were a great hit! Max is an artist who is definitely on the rise. He has been asked to travel all over the world by different entities to paint on various projects, most recently in Spain. With the experience, exposure and great technique Max possesses, his pieces are most reasonably priced. Better get one now before they skyrocket to a price where you will regret the time when you had a chance.

For serious inquiries, please email Crewest at info@crewest.com.


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