Join us this Saturday evening for a small screening of Hector Miranda's film:
"Un Minuto" - a short film based on a classic example of Mexican Mythology.

March 19, 2011
from 7-9pm
110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA

*Free + all ages + open to the public

Meet the filmmaker and enjoy cool beats all night by our resident Dj Phyz Ed.
Drinks provided by: Jarritos and Roaring Lion Energy Drink


About the Film:
"Un Minuto" is a classic example of Mexican Mythology, wherein our main character is a wicked man that cheats on his wife, neglects his children and spends too much time in the cantinas. His wife, however does not sit idly by; she prays daily for a miracle that will return the kind and loving man she fell in love with. God enters the picture when he chooses to answer her prayers in his own unique way that takes her husband to the very gates of Hell.

"The film is based on a story that was told to us as kids, and has been handed down in our family for several generations. My grandfather was said to know the man in the story personally, and witnessed his transformation from sinner to Saint with his own eyes. We filmed the story in Baja California's Ruta del Vino just 20 minutes from Ensenada, and received the generous support of the UDC film school and their students. The people of the Valle de Guadalupe also bought in and pitched in everything we needed and did not already have. They housed us and fed us and you'll see many of them as extras throughout the film. I truly hope you enjoy the film as much as I did making it." ~ Hector Miranda

About the Filmmaker:
Hector Miranda came to Los Angeles in 1997 after a fight with Cancer lit a fire in his belly to achieve something with the rest of his life. With a ‘do or die’ attitude he worked his way into the prestigious UCLA School of Film and Television where he took part in the famed screenwriting program and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2000. Since then he has worked in broadcast operations for a number of television networks including the NFL Network and Sony Television. He worked as a camera operator for several years and spent time as a technical director for GSN’s live show “Playmania.” Working by day while writing by night; Hector’s passion for story telling is evident in the strong characters he creates and the raw human drama he squeezes from the everyday existence we all must deal with.




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