Once again Crewest took part in this year’s Beyond Eden, a multi gallery event showcasing talent from select Los Angeles galleries. Showing for Crewest were works by the following outstanding artists Chaz Bojorquez, PaperMonster, Miguel Paredes, Man One, Victor Sepulveda, Huit, WERC, and Mefee.

On display by Chaz Bojorquez was one of his rarest prints (available only through Crewest) “Los Avenues” a limited edition serigraph, one or two printed in 1987, Los Avenues was made using a very extensive process by the artist. The paper is first prepared using ‘zolatone’ paint (a multi-colored automotive industrial paint) prior to printing the silkscreen image. Then using sandpaper to wear down the letters into the background creating an ‘asphalt’ street look. He then layed down three separate stencils and paint with spray cans, two white highlights off the cross, and a black border around the entire print.

PaperMonster had an entire wall where four of his most compelling pieces hung just waiting for art lovers to look closer and notice the layers involved in each piece. People do not realize the amount of layers and work involved in the art made by this stencil artist. Today, stencil artists are getting more and more in depth with their craft everyday and PaperMonster is a stencil artist who pushes the envelope by layering the canvas with hand cut comic book pages. He sprays his stencil with great precision and no overspray. Crewest believes he has brought the art of stenciling to a new level.

Miguel Parades
, who recently had a solo show at Crewest, had four pieces on display. Art lovers are very attracted to the bright colors and subject matter of the artwork by the hard working Miguel Paredes.

Man One had several pieces on display; one in particular was his 2008 aerosol on canvas piece titled “Power Trip”. Art lovers were really taking their time looking at this piece. Power Trip was created as his direct reaction to the destruction and removal of one of the most historical moments in Los Angeles graffiti history, Meeting of Styles LA in 2007 (“MOS-LA”). MOS-LA was an event organized by Man One, Crewest and The Friends of the LA River where over 200 artists painted 10,000 square feet of aerosol murals in a two-day festive event at the Arroyo Seco in the LA River. Even though it was fully permitted by LA County, they later changed their minds and decided to fully censor the murals by buffing all of the work of over 200 of the most talented artists in Los Angeles. Showing at Beyond Eden, were works by some of the artists who participated on MOS-LA whose works are priced in the thousands by the way. These same including Mear, Chaz Bojorquez, Man One and Werc.

We waited months for the works by Mefee to arrive. We were overly excited to release long awaited works by Mefee at Beyond Eden.

Dedicated and from over seas, Huit had one solid piece on display which showed his own futuristic, high tech vision of a modern city.

Victor Sepulveda whose work has extended beyond the constraints of the automobile exterior into the fine art world with his beautifully rendered drawings and paintings of Mexican Revolutionary figures had several collaboration pieces with Man One on display during Beyond Eden.

WERC had a few pieces which give without asking for a return and become a challenge for the viewer's set beliefs.

Collectively, all our artists selected for Beyond Eden impressed many and represented well to the over 3000 attendees.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces above, please contact us at info@crewest.com or you can visit our artist section on Crewest.com to view additional works. Click here.


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