Bacon Mad'l Toy Release and Sket One Signing

The Bacon Mad'l signing tour to arrive at Crewest!

Join us for an exclusive release of Wizard Sleeve Toy's Bacon Mad'l and a special signing with Sket One on Friday, August 20th, 2010 from 6-9 p.m.

5.5" Bacon Mad*L is an exclusive Wizard Sleeve Toy release. WST made 300 pieces of the regular and have a super-secret special chase that will only be available at the signing.

Sket One displays a passion for uniting distinct components of pop culture into pieces of art that are startlingly cohesive and original.

**These toys will ONLY be available
at Crewest for this one night event! So don't sleep on it!

Toy Images:

www.sket-one.com (Sket designed the Bacon character)
www.madtoydesign.com (MAD designed the Mad*L figure)
www.solid-industries.com (Solid produced the toy)
www.wizardsleevetoys.com (WST, distributor)

For more info, email us at info@crewest.com.


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