Here is a little glimpse at the artists of Friends with Knives (Opening August 7th, 2010):

• Banksy in his unofficial biography famously said of Blek Le Rat, “Everytime I think I've painted something original I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well, only 20 years earlier'. Blek Le Rat often described as the Godfather of Stencil Art was the first to use stencils for silhouettes on the streets of Paris, he has been investigating the urban space for over 28 years and still continues to inspire urban artists all over the world.

PaperMonster’s vivid and intricate pieces explore the beauty behind the eyes and facial expressions of women.

Broken Crow's art features various animals and anthropomorphic humanoids in crazy colors and extreme sizes. Through painting they seek to reintroduce wild animals back into urban habitats, writing their own mythologies as they go.

Chris Stain’s work and its themes find a kinship with the American social-realist movement of the early 20th century.

Kolezar experiments with things like color, detail and scale to challenge preconceptions of what can be accomplished with stenciling.

Nathan Phaneuf focuses on more minimal pieces that accentuate the women he photographs for his pieces produced using the underlying wood as the main skin tone and negative space for his stencils.

Shai Dahan is recognized for his talent of hand painting skateboards as well as creating his animalguns designs on the streets of Los Angeles and New York using stencils, wheatpastes and other mediums as well.

Peat Wollaeger (stenSOUL) is internationally known stencil artist famous for his signature EYEZ , raw colorful characters and stencil videos.

Dave Lowell works with a combination of multi-layer stencils and freehand spraying.

E.L.K is fast becoming well respected amongst his peers and in much demand nationally for his approach to photo-realistic stenciling.

• By using multi-layered stencils of up to 60 layers HAHA’s work is a reflection of Austrailian popular culture.

Joe Iurato just launched a new series of portraits featuring a selection of musicians performing the famous song “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess.

Henry Quiara is an artist/designer of lowbrow, urban contemporary and counter culture art.

Greg Boudreau specializes in making the ordinary extraordinary.

Mefee, a true definition of an anomaly. Mefee works as a scarification artists providing surgical implants underneath the skin in which his skill with a scalpol is easily transfered into his stencil work creating precision cut pieces.

Leckomio’s works deal with street art and graffiti as a subject, as shown by B-boys or the hyper-realistic representation of urban landscapes tagged for sky to bitumen.

Scotch! continues to push for new techniques/ideas that people of all ages & genres can enjoy.

Hope to see everyone at the opening!


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