Crewest is very proud to present, Tracey and CEASE, a model and photographer duo who in real life are husband and wife. The two are a powerful force when working together, as Tracey is the apple of her husband CEASE’s eye. The love and attraction they have for each other is perfectly shown through their works.

Individually, CEASE’s photography is gritty, REAL and not altered by Photoshop. His photography represents the streets as they are, nothing more, nothing less. Tracey, is a down to earth, funky and fly female with a gift for fashion. She feels one can “convey sexuality without having to show T&A, or be naked” and is proud she stays true herself and the way she believes.

Over the next few months, Tracey and CEASE will be exploring the world of Crewest Fashion. They will present to all of us the Crewest Fashion in a way never seen before. We look forward to seeing their shots and creativity and hope you all will enjoy their art.

If you are interested in booking Tracey or CEASE for an upcoming shoot, please email us at info@crewest.com and we will be more than happy to connect you on through.

Here is a sneak peak of Tracey and CEASE’s Crewest Fashion shots so far:

In pics, Tracey is wearing a Cocaine Mule x Artist Bag, T-shirt designed by Man One, Crewest <3 T-shirt and Crewest Drippy Heart Sweatshirt.

This gear and more can be found online at the Crewest shop on www.crewest.com.


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