Sweet Things is coming to an end and we wanted to share some of our most memorable moments:

The giveaways from Kid Robot were a smashing hit!

We had posters to give to guests as well.

Even the notorious bike riders dropped by.

You should have seen this huge ass bike. It was crazy!

Curator "Queen Andrea" flew out for the opening. We missed you Indie. We love you Indie and thank you both for bringing together a great show. You ladies are on fire!

Featured artist Sherm came through and represented in front of her installation.

Happy Friandise shipped some of her furry little purses all the way from France just for the occasion and just for the girls!

The live painting was totally cool.

And even sometimes the smaller things just like this truck who stopped by is enough to remember. Artful moments are always sure to happen, they can be planned or unexpected. Whatever the moments be, we love each and every one.

Big thanks to curators Indie and Queen Andrea, Aiko, Martha Cooper, Gillian Goldstein, Motel7, Koralie, Mickey, Jules Muck, Klor, Sherm, Jarritos, Roaring Lion, Kid Robot, Estria, M.I.S.S and all those who came out to support.

Till next time!


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