Sweet Things is coming to an end and we would hate to not be able to share with you the following insight regarding the works of Mick La Rock which are available and ready for just the right collector:

“In both works there is lettering. It says my name (my heritage as a graffiti writer). The style I developed over the last 10 years.

In the first half of the 2000's I painted it on walls. Painting these lines is hard to do with spray paint: the result never as sharp as I have in mind. My urge to create lines by hand like they'd be computer vectors has driven me from the walls towards canvas.

The readability of the letters are minor importance than the shape and the composition of the word itself. Letters are rotated, pulled out of their basic shape. Letters are positioned and/or connected in unexpected directions.

Functions of the basic elements of a piece are changed: empty spaces between letters become letters themselves. The same can happen to the sections of fill-in colors.
The importance of the lettering in my work is emphasized by the four color palette. The use of black and white refer to (and show my love for) the traditional outline and highlight colors used in graffiti.” – Mick la Rock

"It's a long way"
Acrylic on canvas
100x120 cm

"Sign of the Time"
Acrylic on canvas
100x120 cm

Like mentioned before, these two pieces are still available and if you are interested in purchasing or would like to talk further please email us asap at info@crewest.com or contact the gallery at 213-627-8272.

Sweet Things is coming to an end tomorrow, don't miss out!


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