Coming to Crewest in July:


Mickey was born in 1970 in Groningen, Netherlands. At the age of 13 she started writing her names on walls and in 1985 she painted her first graffiti piece. Mickey finds herself fully in the four elements of Hip Hop: MC-ing, Graffiti writing, Breakdancing and DJ-ing. In 1993 she was given the opportunity to travel to New York, from that moment on she is in NYC regularly, where she works together with many artists. During the same period her name is spotted on walls in cities like Berlin, London, Kopenhagen, Cologne, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in The Netherlands, New York, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. She is present at many of the major graffiti events held in Europe. Besides painting, Mickey is working part time educating children as a kindergarten teacher in Amsterdam. This is the place where Mickey starts focusing on the fine arts. She runs a studio in the centre of the old Bijlmer. For various companies and artists she paints murals. She designs posters, CDcovers and logos. In 2004 she starts her own baby clothing line: “Space Babies”.

We are very proud to announce MICK LA ROCK as one of the exhibiting artists during the Sweet Things Exhibition on view from July 8th through August 1st, 2010 at Crewest.

Here is a link to her site: http://www.micklarock.com


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