Coming to Crewest in July during the Sweet Things Exhibition, Koralie:

Born in 1977, Koralie originates from Montpellier in Southern France. Today she lives and works in New York / USA. Koralie is inspired by the eccentric manga culture and to the images derived from traditional Japan like geisha. Her character is a graphic icon mixing sensuality and modesty, elegance and flashy colors. She incorporate aesthetic elements taken from different cultures within her compositions: African braids, English curls, Russian dolls, Indian folklore, XVIth-century headgears, chandeliers... Koralie fancies elements of different origins and has achieved it harmoniously. Koralie also adds material to her paintings and she finds original wallpapers which make up the lavish background of her compositions. Koralie showed her work in galleries and in the streets around the world. She jumps from the canvas to the wall, from the wall to the computer and the computer to the canvas, the three of which are essential to her work.

Link to her site: http://www.koralie.net


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