Please join us this Saturday, May 8th, 2010 from 6 - 9 p.m. as we celebrate our 8 Year Anniversary!

With a Special Live Performance by:


Performing Live for the first time in Los Angeles featuring some never heard before dope tracks such as their two newest singles "Tuxedo Jackets" and "Boots".

Sew Sew Krafty is a perpetual forward thinking amalgamation of sound, speed, color, vibe, and unrestrained energy and frankly, anything they want to be!!

Genre: Acid, punk, house, surf music/hip hop, electro grunge

Special Live Painting by:
Man One

Atmosphere to be enhanced by the sounds of:
DJ Phyz Ed and Afrika Baby Bam (Jungle Bros./Sew Sew Krafty)


(Pic from our current exhibition:"Before the Revolution" by Gusmano Cesaretti)


Each month since 2002, Crewest has featured the freshest most talented artists existing in underground scenes world wide.

Our impressive roster of exhibiting artists ranges in all styles from graffiti art, street art, fine art, tattoo art, graphic design, sculpture, toy design, photography and even music.

We are very proud to continue being one of the only galleries who specialize in what is current and relevant within the realm of the urban art experience.

We have shown multiple levels of freshness, represented those artists whom we believe in and as a result of our efforts have widened the eyes of many for 8 years strong.

As we open our arms to this 8th year, we look forward to bringing more excitement through our artists and exhibits to the growing Downtown LA scene.


Refreshments Provided By:
Jarritos + Roaring Lion Energy

"Our artists are who you see now on the street level and who you will see tomorrow at the gallery level. They are the future. They are the now. They represent everything we believe in." - Crewest

Art and gallery inquiries:

110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA

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