Join us Saturday, March 20th, 2010 for a history in street fashion. There will be a rockin fashion presentation featuring customized one-of-a-kind vintage wearable street art by TC-5, custom painted tees by Shirt King Phade and the work of local lines: Apliiq, Local Tourist and Insurgency Inc. Event narrated by SUM of the Mily Way with X-Man on the turn tables.

“Imagine a Mickey [Mouse] wearing Air Jordans, leaning on a Mo√ęt bottle crowned with a dukey rope chain around his neck, dripping in gold and saying your favorite songs hook.” This was the beginning. This is the future. This is classic hip-hop style. Welcome to the world of Shirt King Phade, one-third of the unrivaled founding fathers’ of cartoon and graffiti inspired airbrushed clothing, The Shirt Kings and member of the legendary TC-5 crew of NYC. Legendary for one of a kind, of-the-moment wearable works of art that adorned t-shirts, jeans, jackets -whatever you could think of – on the backs of everyone from LL Cool J, to Salt-n-Pepa, to Theo Huxtable in the early 80’s, Phade laid THE foundation for the street inspired urban revolution we now call ‘hip-hop fashion.’” - Citizen LA, 2009

Props to the exhibiting artists:
Seen, Doze Green, Doc/Arab, Phade, Totem, Abby, Cycle, Lady Pink, Mr. Wiggles, Yourz, Web, Keo, Bom 5, EBN, Sye, Aevon, DovesOne

Hope to see everyone this weekend!

Fashion Show
Saturday, March 20th, 2010
6pm to 9pm
Fashion show featuring local line painted by TC-5 as well as live painting on t-shirts and live music by The Milky Way and a special set by DJ Computer Jay.

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