Picture a slice of New York City history cut out with an x-acto blade and paste with rubber cement smack dab in the middle of a map of downtown LA.

Well on March 6th 2010 that is exactly what's about to take place. Shirt King Phade and the TC5 (TheCool5) will be landing on the runway at downtown LA's Crewest Gallery.

The expectation and magnitude of this show coming together is highly anticipated.

Coming in peace, TC5 will not only show off their skills as stylemasters of a culture which started on NY but also begin to trace the roots of the Hip Hop visual aspect of Graffiti.

Phade a legend on the New York City subway system lends his story showing how the evolution of graffiti from the gritty competitive atmosphere to creating one of the first hand drawn t-shirts and sweat shirt apparel worn by pioneering rappers for their videos, thus enhancing their image and giving Hip Hop a uniform.

TC5 crew boast of a roster of very talented artist from all over the world. TC5 originally birthed in the 70's as The Crazy 5 was given in the mid eighties to Phade and Lil Seen. Phade had his own crew TNT to deal with so lil Seen ran with it, changed the name got new spirit and breathed life into a defunct historical crew.

TC5 still paints all over the world (TC-5.com) some members are today's top designers and work for the likes of Sean John, Akademics, RocaweAr, and more(revokt.com).

Doze an original member of The Roc Steady Crew bboy ensemble is also an original Cool 5 member also Lady Pink, lil Seen, Phade, pop master Fable all attended The High School of Art& Design in NYC at the same time. They all have gone on to become prolific in their respective areas of their craft. Thus completing the cycle of going and being legit and making a difference in a younger generation of graff artist that there is life after trains creating an on going revolution.- Ed Sacasa


March 6th - 28th, 2010

Crewest Gallery
110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA

213-627-8272 ph

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