Prison INC is an exhibit featuring a large collection of works created by incarcerated artists living behind bars is curated by Gregg Stone, a very talented artist. After spending years of collecting the art and corresponding with artist inmates Gregg Stone, an enthusiastic collector of Prison Art, wanted an exhibit which allowed these artists an oppurtunity to have their talent recognized. Crewest wanted the same as Gregg.

Prison INC. has been a success for the mere fact that those who have seen the artwork on display can all agree that the quality of the work is better than one would expect. Considering the obstacles an artist behind bars would encounter such as lack of supplies and even censorship by the prison who does not permit that which they think is inappropriate, these artists have really proven their skill.

We invite you to get up close and personal with each of the Prison INC. exhibiting artists. Take a moment to reflect on the obstacles an artist behind bars could face and open your eyes to how those artists make use of their time by mastering their skill and being who they areand rather be, an artist.

See below for letters from Oscar Campos, an artist currently living behind bars and a participating artist in Prison INC.:

Artwork by Oscar Campos "Slipping Into Darkness:

Prison INC. is on view through February 27th, 2010 at Crewest.

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