Doze Green was born and raised in New York City. He is an original member of the infamous Rock Steady Crew. He is a pioneer of Hip Hop culture. He is a Graff Legend -The King of Characters. He is a fusionist - a symbolist - a figurative painter - an "artist's artist". His work defies definition.

Over the years, Doze Green's paintings have progressed from streets and into galleries. In the same spirit of graffiti they tell the stories of the oppressed which continue to be largely untold. His art career began on the walls and eventually the trains of NYC in 1974. By the mid 1980s, he was exhibiting his work in art spaces such as the O K Harris Gallery, Tony Shafrazi gallery and the Fun Gallery. Doze Green's work is in many public and private collections throughout the US, Japan, Europe and Australia.

Website: www.tcfive.com

Artwork by Doze Green will be on view during Revolutions on view from March 6th through March 28th, 2010 at Crewest

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