From behind the barrel of his trusty cameras, Edgar Hoill adopted the moniker of "OSOK" One Shot One Kill. His movement is swift, his precision darting and just like a marksman or sniper, he always gets his target. From Los Angeles to Japan and Cuba, Edgar Hoill has traveled the world bringing back galleries of photos that cultivate, capture and forever imprint a new look on life, culture and Photography. His work has appeared in print media globally and his style is one that is both fresh and inspiring. In his “Life Inside” installation he will be showcasing some of the work of people he works close too and will be showcasing artwork that has been given to him from prisoners of all walks of life. Edgar Hoill is also known for his role as Editor of Lowrider Arte Magazine.

Edgar "OSOK" Hoill is Crewest's first artist to show in their new "Featured Artist Room". His installation is called "Life Inside".

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