Crewest steps inside the colorful world of Alony’s Art and learns what inspires and motivates her to create, as well as discusses her current piece “The Mad Scientist” which will be on display at this years Top of the Dome at Crewest.

First off the basics, tell us a little about you.

Hello, I am Alonys. I don’t know what would be considered basic about me, so I’ll try, I am an artist, wife, no kids, but we have an amazing cat named Meow. I’m obsessed with music, love life and feel blessed to be an artist...basically.

Tell us, what inspires you to create art?

Having a voice through colour is what inspires me.

The things that inspire me daily are as random as each day in life. I could be watching television, be on the net, hear a song, have a conversation... it really could be anything. Knowing that my perception could be understood or connect with another person, simply by translating what I feel through colour is inspiring to me. It’s an art form that can, without a word spoken, speak volumes to so many across many lines.

Who are your influences and why?

My list continues to grow regarding artists as I grow not only older but artistically. There is no denying Jackson Pollack inspired many of my early pieces and continues too. There is a sense of contained freedom in his work to me. Some of his work has a musical undertone, like a rhythm beats beneath the layers of paint. Pollack is comparable to a composer of a song that you play over and over again, each time taking you on another journey. His work leaves you wondering...how did he create this, making you love it even more.

I also have a great love for Frida Kahlo because her fiery spirit burns infinitely. I think of her often when I am creating artwork in my studio, a.k.a. Lab77. The emotion within her work translates in so many ways that all can feel, no matter what path they’ve walked in life. I want people to feel that when they see or collect my art.

What motivates you to be an artist?

Besides knowing that I am blessed to have this gift, and also knowing if I did not grow as an artist I would be going against a destiny chosen for me....

It’s also turning something old into something new and valuable, and ultimately helping tell stories about our generation. You always need to think, what will be left behind. What will they learn about us in the future from what we’ve created?

Art has always aided in telling the story of history. Vinyl and compact discs have nearly become relics, if not deemed by most as “garbage”. That idea alone motivated me to make art that incorporates ‘everyday’ items in our current life, and transform them.

You appear to be an artist who chooses interesting objects as your canvas, what would you consider to be the perfect canvas and why?

I honestly don’t think I can pick a “perfect” canvas. I started on paper bags, then moved onto tables, mirrors, cymbals, canvas, you name it. Basically anything I could get my hands on. My most recent has been bamboo, for my accessories line. The texture is amazing. I love painting vinyl. That’s def. a favorite. No surface is safe around me. They are all perfect!!!

In your bio, you mention an “insane world”, why do you consider the world as being insane and how is that reflected in your art?

The world is insane to me, because within all this beauty we still manage to voluntarily destroy ourselves everyday in some way shape or form. I feel we all genuinely want the same thing, meaning harmony, but somewhere we crave that destruction and pain, and to me that is “insane”. In my work I try to reflect these notions through the use of colour, mixed with what I call “beautiful crazy”. The idea I may convey within a particular piece may be dark, but the vibrant use of colour distracts your senses to see something positive and inviting..

Tell us abut the piece you have on display for this Year’s Top of the Dome VI?

The piece I created for this years celebration is “The Mad Scientist”. This sums up my idea of the state of the world today as we transform within the digital age, not knowing if and when to push “the button” or if in fact its already been pushed. In my piece, the skull becomes the nucleus for all the negative and positive possibilities. It’s a question of life or death, and its up to the collector to balance the equation.

Any last words?

Thank you Crewest for the invitation to be a part of this amazing show. Also thank you to my husband, family, friends, and my amazing collectors for inspiring me to live Life in Colour and create art.


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