Love and Guts Exhibition
August 1st - 30th, 2009

Bart Saric

Crewest: How has Sacrifice Skateboards helped and supported your artistic efforts?

Saric: Sacrifice is like a brotherhood of skateboarders. Real grass roots. So we look out for each other in that sense. They plug and support me as an artist and skateboarder,
with the respect of a family. We've gone on tour, we've been part of art shows, we've
made skateboard videos for 'Sacrifice Skateboards' together, we go out and eat sushi
together, etc.

What would you like to tell an aspiring artist or skater that looks up to you?

First of all, I would say thank you for the love. Second, I would advise them to
enjoy their lives and never give up on achieving their dreams. Be true to yourself and the craft and magic things will come out of that. Don't let politics get in the way of your goals. Bottom line, enjoy what you are doing...I always say, "the person with the biggest grin wins!"

Who are your influences in Art? In Skateboarding?

Wow, my answer would be long enough to fill a few pages on this topic...
Life is truly the biggest gift and inspiration. To name a few people that I feel reflect
this greatness and influence, I would say art wise: Rembrandt, Michael Angelo, Dali,
Stanley Kubrick, Van Gogh, H.R. Giger, Bernie Wrightson, Syd Mead, H.P Lovecraft,
Michael Whelan, Francisco Grippa, Ralph Steadman, Rick Griffin, Robert Williams, Bode,
Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, and so on..
Sk8brd wise, I would say a few key guys that come to mind are : John Cardiel, Mark Gonzales, Neil Blender, Eric Dressen, Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain, Wade Speyer, Wes Humpston, Geoff Rowley, Jason Jessee, Aaron Murray, Scott Oster, Pat Ngoho, Kevin Anderson, Chris Miller, Danny Way, Tony Trujillo, Peter Hewitt, Bob, and this list goes on too...

How has Venice, CA and the Dogtown subculture influenced your approach to your artwork?

It's influenced me with its raw style. Truly influencial people that mirror such a diverse and culturally rich environment. The good styles caught my attention right away. I believe, it taught me more about respecting my surroundings and what I was doing as an individual.

Out of film, animation and painting how has your personal style transcended throughout all three?

I think it grows through all three. The diversification trains my mind and my abilities to react to many different situations, in various styles. It allows me think more about what the real message is, in my pieces. I believe it’s taught me the valuable preparation that you need to put in to achieve what you set out to create. In return, this allows me the freedom to make the right decisions and creatively control the over-all look that I pursue, through such mediums.

You are an artist in the “Love and Guts” exhibit, what does the title of the exhibit mean to you?

To me it means, you say something that you really mean, in an artistic voice.
You live it, as you create it. You love it, as you leave it. It truly takes a lot of both to stay on your art, or your skateboard game, for any significant period of time.
"Say it like you mean it."

Tell us about the piece(s) you have in the Love and Guts Exhibit?

"Backyard Barrel # 5", is an original 2-sided art piece. The painting is on a hand sanded board consisting of, 7-ply's of Hard Rock Maple wood from Wisconsin. I used pen, paint pen, spray paint & acrylic paint to create this raw and authentic rider portrayal. The imagery represents the radical lifestyle of skateboarding (that spawned from surfing decades ago) depicted in a timeless western art sense. It's decaying post-nuclear subject is a character of similar power, that contrasts the landscape with his wielding brush stroke. The actions and subject are companions of intensity.
As the level broadens the colors intensify. As the elements change, the dynamic reactions flow into a war cry that screams freedom. This a mere reflection of the blood, love, guts & life it takes to create such a vision.

Is there something you’re working on that you’d like to promote?

My new skateboard film "Smell The 'Crete", and my wooden projects from SKATER MADE.

For other information regarding my art please go to:

Interview by: Hazel.Roth


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