Gateway Project San Diego...

Congrats to COI/Crewest artists Werc and Crol along with famed chicano muralist
Victor Ochoa for landing a nice gig that will help preserve cultural identity in San Diego's rapidly expanding Downtown development.

Although the road to creating large scale murals of this magnitude are not always
easy to navigate, we think that they are well worth the effort for artists, communities, developers, and the city in general.

This is a great example of how art can be a catalyst in transforming a potentially devisive project and turn it into a prideful and inviting collaboration among artists, developers and the community. When the right artists are chosen for the job miracles can happen.

Here are some photos of the beginning stages. As the mural develops over the next month or so, we'll continue to update it through completion.

If you're in San Diego feel free to drop by and check out the progress in person:
Gateway Project @ 16th and Logan

For more on Crol and Werc go to their collabo site...
Crol vs Werc Dot Com

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