Unification Theory

During our successful "Yo! What Happened to Peace?" book signing last Saturday, we also produced a special Unification Theory performance.

Unification Theory is a band composed of musicians, visual artists, DJ's and spoken word poets. Each member of the group is well-known in his respective medium. The concept of Unification Theory is street futurism: visualizing the possibilities of the future through the prisms of Graffiti, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Digital/Video Artwork, Techno, Funk and Jazz. The unification of these diverse creative minds builds new visual and sonic structures. This innovative collaboration of live music, DJ mixing, digital/video artwork projections and live painting is a new form of performance.

MUSIC GENRE: Jazz-Funk-Techno-Hip Hop-Electronic Music


1. Overton Loyd: P-Funk painting

2. Man One: Graffiti/aerosol painting

3. Harleigh Cole: Afro-Cuban/Latin Jazz/Funk keyboards/percussion

4. Nomadico: Techno/Hip Hop/Jazz DJ and producer

5. Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca: digital projections/spoken word/sound textures

6. Dj Joyfanatic: Hip Hop/Jazz/Funk DJ

+ special invited guests

Find out when the next performance will be..

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